Our experts

Bezvershenko Ekaterina Ivanovna Doctor-dermatologist of the highest category, сandidate of Medical Sciences, member of the Association of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists of Ukraine
Tkachenko Fedot Gennadievich Surgeon-proctologist, highest category, candidate of medical sciences.
Golovina Natalia Valerianovna Doctor-dermatologist of the highest category
Martyniuk Anna Vladimirovna Doctor otolaryngologist of the highest category, work experience of 25 years
Goncharova Yana Alexandrovna Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, PhD
Mitloshuk Arkady Petrovich Clinical immunologist, infectious diseases specialist of the highest category, 15-year work experience
Kulish Tatyana Leontyevna Doctor gastroenterologist of the highest category
Krylova Anna Sergeevna Doctor-rheumatologist, family doctor, candidate of Medical Sciences.
Potemkina Irina Anatolievna Doctor-neurologist, the highest category