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Opening time: Mon-Sat: с 8:00 до 20:00
3-А Praktychna Str.
10, Sheptytsky Str.
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About us

"Nova Clinic" is a medical multidisciplinary center for providing a wide range of services at all stages of treatment process - from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation.

The main value is health, comfort and high quality of life of each patient. Efforts of our doctors of all specialties are combined to address the patient's health problem, taking into account the individual characteristics of each.

Innovation is the basis of successful treatment. High technical equipment of the medical center with modern equipment allows solving the most complicated clinical problems for the minimum period with the maximum comfort and moderate financial costs.

Disease prevention and active detection. Thanks to the well-established close cooperation between doctor and patient, use of new equipment, introduction of integrated programs, the primary task of health care services - rapid diagnosis and prescribing of treatment - is successfully accomplished.

Patient oriented. Maximum comfort for the patient while maintaining the treatment effectiveness provides a thoughtful reception schedule, lack of queues, experienced staff, soft modern technology.

Our Medical Professionals
Vakulenko Zhanna Pavlovna Главный врач «Клиники Нова», МВА, врач-анестезиолог высшей категории, стаж работы 17 лет Book an appointment
Bezvershenko Ekaterina Ivanovna Doctor-dermatologist of the highest category, сandidate of Medical Sciences, member of the Association of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists of Ukraine Book an appointment
Tkachenko Fedot Gennadievich Surgeon-proctologist, highest category, candidate of medical sciences. Book an appointment
Hrynda Ihor Evgenovich Врач гинеколог, хирург, репродуктолог, высшая квалификационная категория, стаж работы – более 16 лет Book an appointment
Martyniuk Anna Vladimirovna Doctor otolaryngologist of the highest category, work experience of 25 years Book an appointment
Sobchenko Sergey Alexandrovich Врач хирург, онколог, маммолог высшей категории, кандидат медицинских наук Book an appointment
Our Medical Professionals