Ultrasound of pelvic organs

Goncharova Yana Alexandrovna Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist, PhD
Melnichuk Olga Petrovna Врач гинеколог-эндокринолог, высшей категории, врач УЗД, стаж работы 17 лет
Tarasenko Yuliya Vladimirovna Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, work experience of 22 years.


The ultrasound of pelvic organs has become an integral part of complex gynecological examination. Examination by gynecologist in conjunction with a transabdominal examination gives a complete clinical picture of the reproductive system of a woman, and also allows diagnosing diseases at the earliest stage, before the appearance of the first signs. With an unclear diagnosis, in-depth studies (transvaginal ultrasound, enlarged colposcopy) are additionally applied.

Equipment of the Medical Centre Clinic Nova provides an opportunity to conduct all types of gynecology ultrasound in one room. Features of the modern ultrasound scanner of the expert level allows you to easily switch from one study methodology to another and collect all the necessary information for accurate diagnosis during one visit.

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs for women is our profile.