Combined research at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy

Melnichuk Olga Petrovna Врач гинеколог-эндокринолог, высшей категории, врач УЗД, стаж работы 17 лет
Grishuk Yuri Vladimirovich Акушер-гинеколог, врач УЗИ, генетик высшей категории, кандидат медицинских наук
Tarasenko Yuliya Vladimirovna Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, work experience of 22 years.


Medical Center of European level provides a full range of genetic testing during pregnancy, including ultrasound at 11 -13 weeks of pregnancy and the appropriate laboratory studies.

Even at 10-14 weeks of pregnancy with ultrasound it is possible to diagnose a delay in the growth, a wide range of defects that indicate chromosomal disorder in the fetus. Ultrasound research and Biochemical screening go "hand in hand" in the process. It is necessary to evaluate both results at once.

Research is conducted on modern ultrasound scanner MyLab made in Italy. The device is equipped with probes, devices and applications that enable research, both in classic modes and using specialized techniques.