Professional consultation

Tkachenko Fedot Gennadievich Surgeon-proctologist, highest category, candidate of medical sciences.
Senich Stanislav Viktorovich Proctologist, surgeon, work experience of 15 years.
Kotsyubenko Valeria Olegovna Врач проктолог, кандидат медицинских наук


A specialist who deals with diagnosis and treatment of this disease group is called a proctologist. Proctologic diseases are equally suffered by both men and women.

Indications of an appeal to a specialist are an appearance of burning, itching and pain in anus, various problems with the act of defecation (false urges, rectal incontinence, etc.). An urgent visit to proctologist is necessary in detection of impurities of blood, pus and mucus in stool, redness in anus.

Having relatives with colon cancer and polyps in the large intestine, specialists recommend to carry out prophylactic endoscopic examinations every six months.

Услуги врача-проктолога. Консультация проктолога в Киеве на левобережной. Медицинский центр «Клиника Нова» проктология - записаться на прием к проктолога.