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Opanasenko Yury Stepanovich Дерматовенеролог, уролог, врач первой категории


After collecting information regarding the symptoms, doctor assigns a minimum list of laboratory tests that will help assess the general state of the genitourinary system, and even put a preliminary diagnosis. This list includes a general analysis of urine and blood.

For a complete picture of the genitourinary system disease, special studies are often prescribed, which include endoscopy, radioisotope and X-ray, ultrasound scans (through the abdominal wall and rectum), magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography.

Консультация уролога Киев, Днепровский район (возле метро Левобережная). Врач уролог на левом берегу. Медицинский центр «Клиника Нова» урология - записаться на прием к урологу.