Machine cosmetology

Radiowave lifting is a non-surgical and delicate cosmetology procedure that allows you to achieve amazing results in correcting the contours of the face and body, improve the texture of the skin, reduce the amount of fat deposits, restore youth and beauty of the skin.

Rejuvenating effect with RF lifting is achieved due to deep warming of the subcutaneous layers with radio-frequency waves, which promotes the stimulation of metabolism and the production of new collagen.
In this case, the results of exposure do not depend on the condition and type of skin. "Internal heat" has a therapeutic and stimulating effect on muscles, skin, connective and adipose tissue.

The procedure is absolutely safe and has no contraindications. During radiolift sessions, the patient does not experience any discomfort! In most cases, the results are visible after the first exposure, and the aesthetic effect can persist for up to one year. The course of treatment consists of 6-7 procedures for 7 days.

The Nova Clinic uses a multifunctional combine for aesthetic medicine Imperium 400 (Italy) with a wide range of applicators. The device operates in diathermy (RF lifting) mode, ultrasonic radiation of high and low frequencies, mechanical vibrations.

The combined technique, which is used in Imperium MED 400, helps to get rid of cellulite in just one course of treatment. The therapeutic success is achieved through the alternate use of capacitive and resistive diathermy (RF-lifting), low-frequency ultrasound and physical vibrations.

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