Plasma rejuvenation on the Plasmage is an effective and safe method of rejuvenating the face skin and periorbital area. The low-temperature plasma, gaseous flow of ions and electrons acts are as acting factors. Plasma discharge allows you to conduct a safe peeling, increases the elasticity of the skin, triggers rejuvenation and strengthens the immune system.

The procedure is suitable for all skin types, has no limitations and side effects. The results of plasma rejuvenation are visible immediately after exposure.

  • Effect after one procedure
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Local anesthesia
  • Lack of rehabilitation period

The procedure for eliminating cosmetology deficiencies in the periorbital area takes 15-20 minutes. On the area of action, an analgesic cream is applied. The doctor selects the mode and power of the plasma radiation, which is optimal for the patient.

The effect is observed immediately after plasma correction. After the procedure, it is recommended to wear sun goggles and apply hydrocortisone cream for 3 days. After 3-5 days the crusts fall off. Fully skin is restored after 6 weeks. Fractional plasmolifting can be performed for patients of all ages, regardless of skin type and color at all seasons.

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