Acne treatment

Acne is one of the most common cosmetic defects, which, to some extent, affect about 80% of women. This cosmetic defect does not pose a danger to life of a patient, does not affect the performance, but causes significant damage to the appearance and quality of life. 

Acne can occur not only on the face, but also on the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and lower back. The cause of acne can be both systemic failures in the body (changes in the hormonal profile, metabolic disorders), and skin features (increased secretion of sebum and keratinization of epidermal cells in sebaceous glands). This multivariance requires an integrated approach to treatment.

Elimination of acne is made by combined use of diode laser MeDioStar NeXT and erbium laser MCL-31. Diode radiation removes inflammation and enhances the metabolism in the area of exposure. The energy of the erbium laser is used for grinding and smoothing the unevenness of the skin surface.